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MacBook will not be needed my thoughts on apple

Date published: May 06, 2021

Today I watched a presentation of apple they’re announced new ipad with m1 chip (the same as the new mac). Take a look which direction apple is moving and you can catch some connection, for example, now icons, control center, etc on the new OS poppies look the same as on an iPhone / iPad. Also on the Mac, you can now run iPhone applications, without any restrictions.

Mac Os big sur screenshot

This is me to the fact that it’s likely that this or next year it will be possible to run Mac applications on the iPad natively. Provide how cool it will be to run VS Code right in the tablet with a touchscreen included or the some photoshop for example.

Then need for a MacBook will completely disappear and with that Mac mini will be an ideal to choice as a full-fledged home PC and ipad for cafes, etc.

Btw the keyboard and the mouse can be fumbled between the iPad and the Mac-mini, it's perfect 😍

Mac mini with ipad as monitor

It’s also worth adding here that the iPad can already be used as the main monitor for the Mac mini, but this is a perversion in my opinion, but as a second monitor with a touchscreen included, it's gorgeous!

If this is really the case, then it turns out the most portable and comfortable setup 🔥

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