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How to use TypeScript with Vue 3

August 26, 2021Guide for Vue 3 and TypeScript. From installation to examples and advice with Composition and Options API

Getting rid of relative paths with webpack aliases

August 03, 2021Getting rid of relative paths and make your structure of project better

Don't want to you Visual Studio Code? Open source alternatives

July 30, 2021If you don't want to use Visual Studio Code here's top three alternatives with open source

MacBook will not be needed my thoughts on apple

May 06, 2021Here are some of my thoughts on apple and MacBook and why it not be needed on the feature

React server components make bundle less

January 07, 2021React Server Components are components that run on the server. That's mean you can make yours bundle less with code splitting between front and server parts

GIT Cheat sheets complete list for super quick start

January 04, 2021Quick reference guides about GIT Cheat sheets. It's complete list for super quick start work with git for beginners even intermediate!

Game for learning git branching

June 14, 2020Learning git branching fast with this game!

My youtube channel tocode

Project | September 25, 2018Youtube channel tocode - all about software development

App for painting with js native

Project | May 18, 2018My Pretty old for learning javascript - drawjs
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